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Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Healing is a drug free, holistic approach to health

Nutritional Therapist

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What is Nutritional Healing?

As a Nutritional Therapist, I currently offer Nutritional Healing consultations in Honiton, and surrounding areas of East Devon.

Nutritional Healing is a drug free, holistic approach to health. It looks at the whole person to establish their current state of ‘dis-ease’. By assessment of their diet, lifestyle and environmental factors, which all play a significant part in our physical and emotional well being, then a suitable nutrition plan for the individual can be achieved.

Often stress and lifestyle factors can cause us to make unhealthy choices. We are all human after all. However, these all have a knock on effect on our digestion and assimilation. We are only as good as the food we eat and assimilate correctly in the body.

We wouldn’t dream of putting the wrong fuel in our car, yet we often unknowingly do it to our bodies every day. Just as your car would breakdown later down the road, ultimately, so too will your body and ‘dis-ease’ enters the picture.

Nutritional Healing uses naturopathic principles, to establish a diet that is suitable for you. It is not a one diet fits all approach. What might suit one person, might not suit another. I firmly believe in the 80/20 principle, whereby we eat a basic therapeutic diet 80% of the time, allowing 20% for treats or special occasions. That way we can enjoy life fully and are not hung up on food. Ultimately, its not about being perfect, its about being better than we used to be. Small changes can produce big results. Wellness and over all health ensue.

Paula Fenegan is a member of the fntp
The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

What is nutritional healing?

Prior to  consultation   I will ask you to complete a food diary and short health questionnaire. These will need to be returned prior to the consultation.

 The actual consultation  The initial conversation is approximately 1hr 15 mins, whereby a detailed case history is taken covering diet, lifestyle, past and present medical history. Some questions may seem unrelated but together with your health questionnaire, they help me to build a complete picture. I will offer my advice at the time but I will follow this up with a more detailed email for you to read at home at your leisure.

After consultation I will email you what I  advise and will follow it up with a further email to see how you are progressing.

Each person is an individual and results can vary dependent on the issues involved. However, people I have helped have reported an increase in wellbeing when simple adjustments to diet and lifestyle are made.

Can’t I get the nutrients from my diet?   Sadly, No. The nutrient content of our food has changed dramatically over the past 50 yrs, due to intensive farming and the use of pesticides etc. When you add in the amount of processed food that we now eat, this reduces the nutrient content even further. Supplementation is a way of bridging the gap to help the body operate optimally and efficently.

Can I use any supplements?   Cheaper supplements often have cheaper ingredient formats and are more difficult for the body to use. You are, in effect, giving the body more work to do when it is already compromised. I use Cytoplan, a very ethical company that make Food State vitamins. This means the body sees them as food and they go down the right metabolic pathways. This enables the body to use them efficiently.

Supplementation is only advised where necessary.

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